Di Maria is not worth the money that Manchester United paid for him


The Argentine player is not the most convincing player, but he is not bad on the field.
The main problem of the Spanish player is his lack of motivation. The player is a good athlete, but the desire to win is not very high.

The most interesting thing about the player is the fact that he is able to make himself available to the media. The Spanish player has a great opportunity to become a real star in the world of football.
Main Intrigues of the New Season of the Champions League
The new season of the UEFA Champions League promises to be very interesting. The main intrigue of the tournament is the struggle for the main trophy of the Old Continent.
It is worth noting that the season is already very busy and there are several interesting confrontations. The most interesting is the fight for the title of the strongest club in the Old World.
In the first rounds, the main favorites of the fight are:
· Liverpool;
·2. Real Madrid;
3. Barcelona.
These clubs are the main contenders for the champion title. However, the Champions league is not an exact science, and there is always a chance that the favorite will lose.
This is why the fans are waiting for the final rounds, when the fight will be really interesting.
Who Will Win the Title of the Strongest Club in the World?
The first rounds of the new season have already shown that the main favorite of the title is Liverpool. The team has a very good lineup and is able not only to score points, but also to defend the champion trophy.
However, the Reds are not the only contender for the trophy. The other teams are:

* Manchester United;
*2. Real Madrid.
At the same time, the Mancunians have a good lineup, too. The problem is that the club is not so strong in the domestic arena, and the team is not able to perform at the highest level.
Real Madrid is also a contender for gold medals, but it is not as strong as the Meringues. The Royal club has a good squad, too, and it is able, at the same, to score goals.
There is a very interesting fight for gold, too:
1. Liverpool vs. Real.
2. Barcelona vs. Manchester United.
3 Chelsea vs. Juventus.
4. Tottenham Hotspur vs. Arsenal.
5. Bayern Munich vs. Inter.
6. Valencia vs. Valencia.
7. Valencia CF vs. Mallorca.
8. Valencia and Mallorcan.
9. Valencia, Mallorc and Valencia CF.
10. Mallorc and Mallorc.
11. Mallora and Mallora.
12. Mallori and Mallori.
13. Mallorie and Mallorie.
14. Mallory and Mallory.
15. Malloy and Malloy.
16. Mallardy and Mallardy.
17. Mallon and Mallon.
18. Mallan and Mallan.
19. Malla and Malla.
20. Mallona and Mallona.
21. Malli and Malli.
22. Mallia and Mallia.
23. Mallo and Mallo.
24. Mallu and Mallu.
25. Malluca and Malluca.
26. Mallar and Mallar.
27. Mallija and Mallija.
28. Mallika and Mallika.
29. Mallik and Mallik.
30. Mallike and Mallike.
31. Malliki and Malliki.
32. Mallica and Mallica.
33. Mallic and Mallic.
34. Mallick and Mallick.
35. Mallico and Mallico.
36. Malliko and Malliko.
37. Malliku and Malliku.
38. Mallicka and Mallicka.
39. Mallid and Mallid.
40. Mallie and Mallie.
41. Mallina and Mallina.
42. Mallin and Mallin.
43. Mallini and Mallini.
44. Mallis and Mallis.
45. Mallino and Mallino.
46. Mallip and Mallip.
47. Mallir and Mallir.
48. Mallij and Mallij.
49. Mallj and Mallj.
50. Mallil and Mallil.
51. Mallili and Mallili.
52. Mallile and Mallile.
53. Mallila and Mallila.
54. Mallils and Mallils.
55. Malliles and Malliles.
56. Mallilo and Mallilo.
57. Mallim and Mallim.
58. Mallio and Mallio.
59. Mallit and Mallit.
60. Mallita and Mallita.
61. Mallito and Mallito.
62. Malliu and Malliu.
63. Malliv and Malliv.
64. Mallive and Mallive.
65. Malliov and Malliov.
66. Malliw and Malliw.
67. Mallill and Mallill.
68. Mallillo and Mallillo.
69. Malline and Malline.

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