Today’s EPL schedule on February 21st, 2014


The EPL fixtures have now been announced. The teams that are fighting for the title are:
* Liverpool;
* Manchester City;
* Chelsea;
* Arsenal.
The season is really interesting and exciting. It is really difficult to predict the outcome of the matches, because each team has different players, strengths and weaknesses.
You can always follow the latest news on the EPL website. Here, you will find the schedule of matches, as well as the results of each game.

The new season promises to be really interesting, because the teams that have not won the title for a long time are trying to do it. The main contenders for the victory are: Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal. The last time the Gunners won the Epl was in 2002.
This time, the main rivals of the Reds are the Mancunians. The team has a lot of problems, but the main one is the lack of motivation. The players are tired of losing and want to win the title.
It is really important for the team to win, because it will be the first step to the next level.
Liverpool vs. Manchester City
The first matches of the new season of the Premier League are already going well, and the teams are already demonstrating their maximum. The Reds are in great shape, and they are ready to fight for the champion title. The Mancuns are not as strong, but they are not so far from the leaders.
At the moment, the City is the favorite, because they are in a good shape and have a good lineup. The Citizens are in the best shape of the team, and their main competitors are: Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur and Everton.
However, the team is not in the perfect form. The squad of Guardiola is not as good as the one of Josep Guardiola. The Spaniard has a good squad, but he has to work a little harder.
In the current season, the Citizens have a lot to do, because their rivals are not in a bad shape. The City has a great lineup, and it is ready to demonstrate its maximum.
Manchester City vs. Liverpool
The previous season, Liverpool was the main favorite of the championship. The current season is no exception, and this time the Citizens are not the main favorites of the tournament.
Despite the fact that the team has not won any trophy, the players are confident and are ready for the fight. The only thing that can prevent the Citizens from winning the champion trophy is the fact they do not have the right to play in the Champions League.
If the Citizens want to get into the Champions league, they have to play at the first round. The most likely candidates for the first-round matches are: Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham Hotspurs.
All the teams have a long bench, so the Citizens can use it in the first matches. The club has a strong lineup, which can be the main strength of the club in the future.
Chelsea vs. Tottenham Hotspot
The last time Tottenham Hotspots won the championship was in 2012. The previous season was a failure, and now the team does not have a chance to repeat the victory.
Tottenham Hotspur is not the strongest team, but it is a great squad. The Blues have a great bench, and so they can use all the players. The Spurs have a high level of motivation, and in the current championship, the club has already shown its maximum, so they are the main contenders to win gold medals.
Many experts say that Chelsea is the main contender for the championship title, but many of them are not sure if the team will be able to win it.
Will the Citizens be able not to win?
The team has problems with the defense, and many of its players are not able to perform at their best. The fans are not very satisfied with the current results of the Chelsea, but this is not a problem for the club.
They have a strong bench, which allows the players to use all their potential. The management of the Blues is doing everything to win. The coach is trying to make the team play at their maximum, and he is doing this by using the bench.
As a result, the Chelsea has a high chance of winning the championship, because many teams are not at their peak at the moment.
Arsenal vs. Watford
The Gunners are in good shape, but Watford is not at the same level. The Hornets are not a strong team, so it is not surprising that the Gunns do not win any trophy.
Watford is a good team, because its main competitors include: Everton, Manchester United and Tottenham. The Gunners have a very good lineup, but sometimes it is difficult to find the right partner for each player.
One of the main problems of the Hornets is the weak defense. The defense is not very strong, and there is a lack of experience in the team.
Due to this, the Hornets are very vulnerable to the attack. Watfords lineup is not that good, and sometimes the players do not show their maximum and do not play their best, which leads to the defeat.
Of course, the Gunn will not lose, because if they lose, they will not be able win the championship again.

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