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This is a list of football players who have been injured. The list includes players from all the major European leagues, as well as those from the National League of Ireland.
Injuries are a serious problem for football, as they can affect the results of a team. The injuries can be serious, and the team may lose a significant part of the season.
The list of injured football players includes:
* players from the Premier League;
* from the English Premier League, the Championship and the EFL Cup;
* from the Championship;
* from La Liga;

* from the Spanish La Liga.

The injuries can happen to any player, but the most common ones are:
* broken leg;
* broken arm;
* concussion;
* head injury;

The most serious injuries are:
“concussions”, which can be fatal;
broken arm, broken leg, broken ribs, dislocated shoulder, broken arm.
It is also worth noting that the list of injuries is constantly growing, so the list will not stop at the end of the current season. The main goal of the website is to provide all the latest information, as soon as possible.
What to watch out for on the website?
The main thing that every football fan should keep in mind is that injuries can affect a player’s performance. It is important to know the latest news, as it can help you to understand the situation better.
There are a lot of injuries that happened during the current championship, so it is important for fans to follow the latest data. The website of sports statistics is the best place to find out the latest and most important information.
Football injuries in the current tournament
The current season has already shown that football injuries are a real problem for the teams. The Premier League has already seen several serious injuries, which have affected the results.
Among the most serious ones are the following:
1. ‘Manchester United’. The team lost its main player, Wayne Rooney, who is still suffering from a concussion.
2. ’Manchester City’, which lost the main goalkeeper, Alisson.
3. Liverpool, which is suffering from serious injuries.
4. Chelsea, which has lost the most important player, Eden Hazard.
5. Tottenham, which was forced to play without the injured Harry Kane.
6. Arsenal, which also lost a key player, Granit Xhaka.
7. Leicester, which had to play with the injured Riyad Mahrez.
8. Manchester United, which did not have the best result, but managed to get the second position.
9. Everton, which got the worst result of the whole tournament.
10. Liverpool, who lost the best player, Virgil van Dijk.
11. Arsenal, who had to replace the injured Lukas Podolski.
12. Leicester, who was forced by injuries to play against Brighton.
13. Watford, who got the second worst result.
14. Chelsea, who managed to score only two goals.
15. Leicester City, who were not able to win the championship.
16. Manchester United managed to win a few matches, but lost the overall result.
17. Everton, who did not win the title, but was able to get a few victories.
18. Liverpool managed to lose the title.
19. Watfield, who scored only one goal.
20. Leicester managed to take the second place.
All these injuries have a negative effect on the results, so fans should not forget about them.
Current results of the Premier league
The Premier League is the most popular football championship in the world. The current season is quite busy, so many teams have already won the title and are ready to fight for it.
Manchester United is the main contender for the title of the best team of the Old Trafford. The Red Devils have already managed to finish in the top-3 of the English football, and they are the main favorites of the tournament. The club has a good lineup, which allows them to win matches.
However, the team has problems with injuries. The most serious one is the loss of Wayne Rooney. The player is still in a serious condition, and his absence has a negative impact on the team’ performance.
Another serious injury is the injury of Alisson, who has been out for a few months. The goalkeeper is still recovering from a serious injury, which affected his mobility.
Chelsea also has a serious issue with injuries, as the club has lost Eden Hazard for several months.
Liverpool has also suffered from injuries, and it is worth noting the loss to Riyad, who left the team for a better contract.
Arsenal has also had a number of injuries, but it is the worst of all the teams, as Lukas Rosicky and Sokratis are not able for the team to compete with the leaders.
Leicester is also in a difficult situation, as its players are not in the best shape, which affects the results negatively.

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